Thursday, 23 July 2009

The Fourth of July!

Since we were going to be in the States for the 4th of July, Amy and I decided to go all out with an old-fashioned Independence Day Cookout! Only... we had never celebrated Independence Day before. So we picked our "Americana" theme and just went with it.... Flags, Red-White-and-Blue Flowers, Cupcakes, Cookes... Napkins... you name it! Apparently, we did it right! Amber told us that most American's didn't even go as all out as we did. Welcome to the 4th of July, Canadian-style:

On the menu:

Ketchup Chips (a gift for our American friends, from Canada!)
Nacho Dip (my personal specialty) & nachos

Corn on the Cob
Roasted Veggies
Argentinian Sausage (Juan brought them, and they were awesome)

American Sprinkle Cupcakes
American Sprinkle Sugar Cookies
Juan's roasted Marshmallows

Strawberry Daiquiri's
Juan's Midori & Cranberry specialty

After everyone came out of their food-induced comas, we took a walk/trolley ride down to the main strip to see some fireworks. Thankfully, the 4th ended up being the one day of the trip that it didn't rain at all. It was perfect weather, and there were tonnes of people out to celebrate the holiday.

When we asked a police officer on the beach where we should go to see the fireworks, his reply was "Just look up!" Hah... nice. I guess he was right though... the fireworks were literally going off all around us. It was pretty amazing. The best ones were shot off from across the causeway, at Coachman Park. We watched from a few miles down, and it was still a stunning display.

Happy Fourth!
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Anonymous said...

Nice Kate! I was on our Cuyamaca trip for the 4th and unfortunately we didn't see any fireworks. I'm glad you did tho! I love your Florida reports...keep them coming! :)

Katie said...

Ahh, that's too bad, I love fireworks!
I'm not sure how many Florida reports from that trip I have left me... but hey, I'm going back tomorrow, so there's bound to be a few more! ;)

Julia said...

Ketchup chips are so weird!! A friend of mine gets them every time we get gas on the way home from Squamish. Too funny!

Katie said...

Haha... I'm not a super huge fan of them, I only eat them once every couple of years... but I think they're something that everyone should get to try! Along with Smarties! And Kinder Eggs! LOL... you guys miss out on some of the best junk food ;)

Sarah said...

Fun times!! I've never heard of ketchup chips!

Katie said...

They're kinda like BBQ, except Ketchup flavoured... they're pretty yummy! If we ever meet, I'll bring you a bag :)


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