Saturday, 30 August 2014

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Monday, 28 July 2014

Twillingate, Newfoundland: Iceberg Boat Tour

A picture is definitely worth 1000+ words, and there are not enough words to describe how breathtakingly beautiful these massive icebergs are, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, near Twillingate Newfoundland.  So I'll let the photos speak for themselves. I am so thankful to have had this opportunity to explore such wonder!
Making Waves Berg The Colours! Size Comparison Breathtaking Smiley & Shark Pretty Massive Beauty In flight

After the boat tour, we headed up to Long Point Lighthouse for a different view of the icebergs and ocean:

Love Sunshine

More photos at the Superflash Photography Facebook Page.
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Thursday, 17 July 2014

High Park Cherry Blossoms

One of my favourite times to be in the west end of Toronto is late spring.  That's because every year in May, the High Park cherry blossom trees spring to life.  The Sakura trees were given to Toronto on behalf of the Japanese, for Toronto's support during World War Two.  The short-lived flowering season brings many people to the park, myself included!  I was able to visit twice this year, when the buds were just popping up, and then later when the trees were in full bloom.  Here are some of my favourite shots:

View more photos at Superflash Photography on Facebook.
And here are some of my previous years' photographs of the cherry blossoms in High Park: 20122010.

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Monday, 9 June 2014

Don Valley Brickworks

Tout Est Possible
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My friend Katy and I have been going on a few photowalks a month since April... I end up being super inspired and taking hundreds of photos, and then the thought of processing them all for publishing ends up slowing me down.  Last week, I managed to edit a few of the photos from our trip to the Evergreen Don Valley Brickworks - though I have at least one more set to share!

For those who have never been, the Brickworks features an extensive outdoor section with areas that are great for nature photos, and then the old factory which features amazing graffiti and super cool steampunk-esque elements.

Here's some shots from the outdoor section!


Hot Valley
Bird's Eye View Dreamlike <3 Reflection 
LoveBot Towering Over... On The Rails

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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Epcot's Flower and Garden Festival

Entrance to EpcotHave you ever been to Epcot at Walt Disney World during the Flower and Garden Festival?  The festival features beautiful topiaries (of Disney Characters!) that are unbelievable - how do they do that!?  The characters all look lifelike, and it's clear that they have very talented gardeners who are able to maintain the topiaries so exquisitely.

Also unique to Epcot is the food and drink choices.  During the Flower and Garden Festival, each country also has a "pop up shop" type of food stand where you can get unique dishes that are unavailable at other times of the year - I tried a maple bacon cupcake, which sounded interesting in theory, but didn't quite hit the mark like I was hoping.  Margaritas in Mexico, however, are always a good choice!

Snow White & The Dwarfs

Herman's Hermits Plus, there's my favourite part of the festival - the Flower Power Concert Series.  Every weekend features a popular band from the 1960s-1980s.  I happened to attend when one of my absolute favourite bands - Herman's Hermits - were playing!  I've seen Herman's Hermits (featuring Peter Noone) before and they are always incredibly entertaining.

I couldn't believe that people would line up in the hot sun for two hours before the concert just to get a spot in the amphitheatre though.  Because of that, my photos aren't that great.  I didn't want to waste my day in the park standing in a line, so my friends and I ended up hanging out in the courtyard behind the amphitheatre, sipping our margaritas and listening to the show instead.  It was still an awesome experience!

He played all of his hits, including Silhouettes, I'm Henry The VIII, I'm Into Something Good, etc.  And he also mixed it up with some fun cover songs - like Ring of Fire!  That was definitely a treat.

Here's some more photos from my awesome day at Epcot:

Mickey! Bambi, Thumper & Flower Lady & The Tramp Aurora & Prince Phillip
Belle Cogsworth & Lumiere Canada at night Tinker Bell Topiary

Check out more photos at the Superflash Photography facebook page!
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