Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Dolphin Watching! (AKA: not letting the rain get to you)

So, for anyone who was following our tweets, you'll know that we got A LOT of rain while we were down in Florida. We had to work around it as best as we could, to fit in all the things we wanted to do and see.
One of Amy's big "to do's" was a dolphin excursion around the Clearwater Harbour. On Canada Day, we set out pretty early (for us, anyway) to accomplish our mission. We called the good people of the Little Toot to see if they were operating (because the skies looked a little grey, though it wasn't raining yet.) - they told us to come on down for the 11am ride.

It was us and one other family of 3 on the boat. And wouldn't you know, just as we climbed aboard... the rain started.

We waited it out for a little bit, but a mutual decision (by the captain, and the passengers) was made that they would just refund us our money, because it didn't look like the rain was going to let up. This is what we thought of that:

The next day, the skies looked promising yet again. Amy called them up again (and they remembered exactly who she was!), and they told us to come on down (yet again!)

Amy crossed her fingers hard enough for both of us... and it actually worked! We ended up with a perfectly clear boat ride (though it did rain later that day!) At first, we weren't even sure if we would see any dolphins. The tour seemed to go on for a while, and all we saw were some sights of Clearwater, and some famous peoples' homes (I don't actually remember who's was whose anymore. I know some of the homeowners were Tom Cruise, John Travolta & Hulk Hogan, among others)

We waited, and waited, and then finally, la piece de resistance! Someone shouted "Over there! There's one!"
And then they all started coming out and splashing all around us. There must have been at least four different dolphins (including a little baby one!), or maybe more. They are absolutely beautiful creatures.

It was a pretty awesome experience! I can't believe it was my first time doing that, in all the years that I've been going down to Florida. I'm so glad Amy decided that we had to!

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE the dolphin pics!

.................Nancy said...

haha! So cute! I love the "WOAH! WOAHWOAH!'s"! hehe

I heard your voice (all 2 seconds of it!!) In the stingray vid hehe

Katie said...

Thanks! They were even more amazing in person!

LOL... I hate my voice :P I sound like such a dork!


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