Wednesday, 22 July 2009

My altered book is DONE!

Interrupting the Florida recap updates briefly, just so that I can say... I DID IT! My altered recipe book is FINISHED!

I posted a while back (more than a year ago) about my book, but I've actually been working on it for about 4 years now.

Last night, I added in the last few recipes, numbered the pages, added an index and made the cover jacket... and voila! I have finally finished!

170 pages and 4 years later, I have a recipe book!
I think I'm eventually going to take pictures of all the pages and upload them, but until then, you can go here to see a few pictures of the inside, if you like.
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Rebecca said...

I love it!!! Super crafty!

Amy B said...

you will have to put it all on Cut out and Keep for sure! :)
Did you get your prize yet?
Congrats on finishing that book!!! What an undertaking!

Anonymous said...

Awesome book, Katie! It looks like a family treasure!

The Mrs said...

Haha...too cute! I love altered books, and yours has some great pictures to go along with the content.

Katie said...

Thanks ladies!

Amy - I don't think I can put 170 pictures up on Cut Out and Keep... LOL... I'll probably put up a few pics, and put the rest in a Flickr album, one of these days :) Didn't get my prize yet... I'm guessing they'll mail it sometime this week or next.

Lori H said...

thats awesome, Katie! Super kewl.

.................Nancy said...

Super cute!


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