Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Here, fishy fishy fishy!

Well, we have made it back, safe and sound from our Wild Ride! For those of you who were following our tweets, you may have caught a glimpse of what we got up to on the trip, but my plan is to update this blog with some of the best stories and experiences from the trip. Today, I begin with our trip to the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta.

Amy had looked up the aquarium before we left, and we decided it would be a great place to check out. We stayed overnight at a hotel about an hour outside of Atlanta, and arrived at the Aquarium for around 10am. Did not anticipate the 30-45 minute lineup that we waited in (really, who goes to an aquarium that early in the morning when they don't *have* to!). When we finally got in, I was definitely impressed. There was so much variety in the sea life - I didn't even know all these fish existed.

There were several interactive exhibits as well. I touched a stingray! I could have also touched a little shark, jellyfish, or an anemone (among other creatures that I can't remember anymore), but I was a bit too chicken. I think Amy has video of me touching the stingray though.

It's tough to say what was the most impressive though... the sharks... the gators... the reef... I think my absolute favourite were the jellyfish though. Those things were so pretty and graceful - I just loved them!

Check out more pics here. More trip updates to come!
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The Mrs said...

Great pictures! I love to watch the jelly fish as well.I

I look forward to seeing more about your adventures.

Cheryl said...

i have a love/hate relationship with aquariums, but i admit its a good way to see some really cool animals!


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