Wednesday, 31 December 2008

2008: In Pictures

Well, this blog was originally intended to be a photoblog... so I thought I'd blog some photos today as a recap of my year :)



New Years Eve at the Pier in St. Petersberg, Florida


MGM Studios (now Hollywood Studios) with Dan, Victor and Nicole



Hanging out with Victoria, Charlene & Raphael in NYC :)


Spent the day wandering NYC on my own... walked across the Brooklyn Bridge for the first time!



Decided to road trip to Buffalo / Niagara Falls to hang out with Raphael (and Charlene & Fred for one night) ... little did we know that the worst snowstorm of the year at that point was going to happen on that weekend. It was insane. But beautiful!


Miss Paris' 3rd birthday!


Working on Test The Nation, I met TOMMY CHONG!!



Drove out to Waterloo to hang with Lindsay, and see a Danny Michel concert. Here we are after the show.


On a whim, decided to go to High Park for Earth Day. I got some great shots!



Uncle Frank's surprise birthday party. Here's my Nonna with her brothers.


Miami Beach! (Went to Florida for a week; spent time in Clearwater, Miami & Ft. Lauderdale. It was good times!)



Spent the day baking with my Nonna. My first time making biscotti!


Kels & Kristyn came to visit! Awesome!


One of mine and Errol's famed trips to Honest Ed's


How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria: Team Awesome :)



Spent Canada Day at the beach, playing "Frizz-Ball" with my friends (yes, we invented it) and watching fireworks.


Maria Producer, David Rosen, speaking to Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber during a commercial break. I know David will read this, and he BETTER be pleased that his picture has finally made it to my blog!! haha.


Maria wrap party! Here is team script in wrap party action. Elvira, Gavin, Pam, David & I.  Why am I the only lush with a wine glass in this pic? 



Pete took me up to his cottage in Peterborough, and chauffeured me around on the boat for a wonderful day. I got great pictures this afternoon, too.


Pete's 30th birthday party! I think we look smashing in this pic. I'm wearing the dress Marisa wore on week 1 of HDYSAPLM. After we wrapped, there was a wardrobe sale, and this dress was amazing, and just my size! Loooove.


Road trip to Michigan! The lovely Rebecca hosted me for the weekend, and we met up with Jenny & then Lori & Kurt took us out for dinner. Awesome weekend.


A lovely date in the park : picnic, photos, paper shops. Boys should take note of this.  This was my favourite shot from that day.  Actually, it's one of my favourites that I've taken all year.


Errol, Krista and I in DISNEYLAND!!! Woohoo, California!!!


Came home just in time for the CNE. I go every year. This time I brought Rae with me... he had no idea what he was getting himself into :) It was definitely good times.



Back to NYC, for the second time this year! This time, with my parents. We gave him the trip for his 65th birthday present, because he'd never been before.



This was a still from the indie short film I worked on, Scratched Out.


Nuit Blanche! An all-night art festival thing that Toronto does every year. This was a shot that Rae took of me. Super cool.


My 26th birthday party! Such a good time, almost all my friends came, and all the food I made tasted amazing :) LOL.


The birth of my new niece, Olivia Violet! :)


Random and spontaneous FUN with Rae in Niagara Falls


Halloween Flapper Girl! The Mari(s)a dress makes a re-appearance, here with Ann-Marie and Amy



Took my first dancing lesson! Unfortunately, I have yet to go back for my SECOND dance lesson. LOL. Hopefully I will have more time in the new year.



I am the Sound Angel for Brainsgiving '08 :)


Amy and I participated in our first craft sale as Kat and Toad! It didn't really go all that great for me, but I'm looking forward to doing more in the future :)


Merry Christmas! This was my favourite holiday picture this year.


The reunion of some of my favourite people in the world. I know, I just posted a blog about this yesterday, but it was necessary to go into my year recap :)

So Long, Farewell, 2008! You turned out to be a pretty good one. But I'm very much looking forward to whatever 2009 has in store. :)

Happy New Year, everyone!  Wishing nothing but the best for all of my blog friends & your families and loved ones.  
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Lori H said...

love the year recap! :). Happy New Year, Katie! I am thrilled I got to meet you this year.

Katie said...

Likewise, Lori! I hope we get to see each other next year too!
(And I'm also quite disappointed that we didn't get a pic of me, you and Rebecca! I was looking for one with all three of us, and couldn't find one... so I settled on me and Lippy instead LOL)

Happy New Year to you!

Anonymous said...

Thank was an amazing photo wrap-up, Katie. Thanks for sharing them've inspired me to take more pictures myself this year so maybe I can so something similar next year :)

Hope last night was a good one!

Happy New Year!

Deb said...

Hey Katie
I tried doing project 365 last year.. i don't even remember how far into it i got.. a few months i think. I stopped cuz i got lazy and i would forget days and then i just stopped al togheter.. Then christmas time came and i was like.. i wish i stuck with it .. it would have been really cool.. so, i'm going to give it another try. I'd love to make a photobook of all the pics at the end of the year next year. Plus... i really missed thinking about what i'm going to take pictures of ever single day.. lol

Brittany said...

Love your picture recap! Hope 09 is a great year for you!

Anonymous said...

I love your photos, Katie! And I love that I'm in, or almost in, a few of them!

Katie said...

Thanks, everyone, and Happy New Year to you, all!

Pete - one of my favourite parts of '08 was spending so much time with you! I think we should continue that through '09 :)


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