Monday, 2 February 2009

Portrait of a Feline

Just a quickie today, because I have a lot of work, but I want to share some pics.
Yesterday, I met up with my friend Sarah, and she treated me to a fabulous belated-birthday crepe (mmm... nutella, strawberries and ice cream... - Thanks Again, Sarah!), and then we hung out at her apartment for a while.

This is where I met Desi. Desi is the most perfect cat model ever. I think I freaked him out when I pulled out my camera, but he ended up getting comfortable with my lens in his face, and actually stayed still while I snapped some shots. I was even able to do some longer exposures without him moving!

B&W so serious

Who are you and why are you taking pictures of me? adorable

He even posed for a perfect LOL-Cat picture:

LOL Cat Desi

I've never been a huge animal person... but for some reason, I always seem to like other peoples' pets. Desi is awesome. As is Sarah :)
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sarah said...

i love these pictures!

Evil Brat Child I said...

sooo cute!

i agree pets are better when they belong to someone else. the nice pets, anyways. : )

sarah said...

i'm totally stalking your blog now...i keep coming back to look at these pictures.

Katie said...

Stalk away, my friend.

Feel free to right click and hit "save as" :)

MonkeyTalk said...

*Raises hand* in agreement with U and L on pets are better when someone elses :) Love the pics and am sharing your LOL -Cat with a friend...she's a big fan!!!

.................Nancy said...

haha love the pictures!

Huckdoll said...

OMG, Katie! I haven't been to your blog in forever...I just saw your gorgeous new theme it!!

That kitty is so sweet. Especially in that last one...too cute!

I'm not a pet person either, probably because I never had a pet growing up, but yeah, I do much better with pets that aren't my own. Not that I know the difference - I just don't think I could commit. Two children is more than enough for this girl.

Cheryl said...

Awesome pics!


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