Monday, 15 December 2008

The Weekend: DM Review, party!

Okay, so I skipped out on Ten Tune Fridays last week. I was just too busy. I thought about posting with my top ten Danny Michel songs, since the concert was on Saturday... but I just didn't have time.
Instead... you get my review of the show today.
Saturday ended up being a crazy busy day for me. I got my hair cut for the first time in months (just haven't had time until now!) and then at 5pm, I started heading downtown to meet Susan and her husband Bernard, for dinner and then the Danny Michel show. We decided to eat right at the Rivoli, where the show was taking place. I had an awesome burger, followed by an even more awesome slice of carrot cake. Mmm, indulgences.

We headed into the show fairly early, and got a table right up front. Total change for me, because I'm used to going to shows either right on time, or even sometimes a little late, to avoid lineups. It was super cool though - because they had tables set up, if we had gone late, I totally wouldn't have been able to see anything. So props to Susan and Bernard for that decision! It was rather interesting seeing a completely bare stage... no drums... no guitars set up... I could tell that we would be in for a good night.

The opening act was a girl named Jenn Grant. Super cute girl. I think the comparisons I drew were to Lindi Ortega (for her between-song banter) & Over The Rhine (for the sultry sound of her voice). Susan and Bernard also drew comparisons to Feist, which is about right, I'd say.

Not too long after Jenn's set finished, Danny Michel took the stage. I'm not sure if you've gathered this yet, but I'll say it again - Danny Michel is my absolute favourite musician ever. I think he is so completely talented in every way. He is definitely my musical crush.

He opened up with Bones, a song both Susan and I were hoping, but not really expecting to hear, so that definitely got things started off on the right foot - not that I expected any less.

Through the course of the evening, he played a LOT of older songs, which was a plus, for sure. Going to a lot of the bigger venue, full-band shows, it seems that he tends to concentrate his setlist on the newest release, but this was a tiny venue, and just Danny on stage. He did also play some new songs, including two of my favourites from the latest album - Tell Sally and Feather Fur and Fin.

Danny ended up playing for almost 2 hours, including the two encores that he was brought back for. Funniest moment - a fan towards the back of the room shouting: "PLAY SNOWGLOBE!" "COME ON, IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!" ..... .... "PLEASE!" LOL, it was just such a Canadian thing to do. Another bit in the encore that was also funny - Danny does this thing when he plays solo gigs where he records different instruments on stage to create a backup loop for his guitar. So he was doing this, and he gets to the xylophone, and the very first note he hits is wrong, and he exclaims "shit, there's a wrong note in there" ... but of course, it was still recording. So throughout the song, if you listened closely, in the loop, you could hear "shit, there's a wrong note in there!"

Hilarious :) It was such a great show.

More pics at my flickr (though I didn't take too many, because I was enchanted by the show!)

On Sunday, Amy hosted what will hopefully become the first of many holiday parties! There were lots of treats, lots of retro throwback movies (including He Man and She Ra's Christmas special!), and great friends! It was definitely good times all around. I baked chocolate cupcakes, and used a piping bag for the icing for the first time - definitely a hit! If you're on my facebook friends, you can view some more pictures there.
Here's me, Annie & Amy, at the beginning of the party.
I still have barely even started my Christmas shopping. I'm completely not in the mood this year - all I want is a vacation. LOL. Sadly, it doesn't seem like I'm going to get one. Is it January yet?
Brief Crafty Ramblings:
THIS is absolutely gorgeous, and I wish I had the time, patience and skill to make it.

THIS on the other hand, is still stylish and pretty, and I think I will make it!

Also a very cool project that I intend on doing when I have time and materials!
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Anonymous said...

Bwahaha...He Man and She Ra's Christmas special?? Are you kidding me? That's awesome...I had totally forgotten about those two. Sound like a perfect weekend :)

Katie said...

Hahaha, it was pretty awesome. In a really bad way. Sadly, we only got through about 10 minutes before we had to switch it off!!


Susan Legare said...

"So props to Susan and Bernard for that decision!"

Not sure if that was a decision or just a way of life with us :)


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