Saturday, 30 August 2008

LA - Part two... Disneyland!

So, I figured I better get this done before I leave for NYC tomorrow, and have another big blog entry to write.  LOL.  I'm just a travellin' girl (made a lot of stops, all over the world.... points to anyone who knows the song I'm referencing!)

castle & statue Anyway. This entry won't be nearly as long as the others, and I'm not separating them by day... just a general overview of Disneyland... And I think I'll just post the link to the flickr photos, because I'm feeling lazy.

So, in a nutshell, it was awesome. It's actually separated into 3 areas: Disneyland, Downtown Disney, and California Adventure. If I had to compare to Disney World, I'd say land is most like Magic Kingdom, California Adventure is most like MGM (or I guess now it's Hollywood Studios), and there's a Downtown Disney in Orlando too. (Downtown Disney is all shopping, not an actual "park" and you don't have to pay admission to get in there... Orlando's is a little nicer than Anaheim's though)

atop the trainDisneyland was great. The castle is not as big as Magic Kingdom's, but it's pink and pretty :) There's also a lot more Tinkerbell things floating around, I noticed. Many of the rides are the same as Orlando, which was good, because I knew what to expect. The parade was different than any other parade I've seen... and Tink was on the first float! That was super cool.
Errol and Krista wouldn't ride the teacups or dumbo the flying elephant with me... those are the only things I really kinda missed. LOL. Totally loved Toontown. That was one of my favourite places in Disneyland. I also really loved Tom Sawyer Island. We pretended we were pirates, exploring and looking for treasure LOL. We even met Captain Jack (who won't pose for pictures. grr!)

jessieCalifornia Adventure was truly awesome. It was a lot like MGM, but a way cooler version of it. AND, there's Paradise Pier, which is unlike anything I've ever seen... huge roller coaster, ferris wheel... other Santa Monica-type things... it was just breathtaking. I actually REALLY loved California Adventure, I think moreso than Disneyland itself. I think it was also a little more "grown up" than Disneyland... in the rides, and in the people that were strolling around the grounds. The Pixar Play Parade was probably one of the best parade's I've ever seen in my life. Even Errol thought so, and he's a complete cynic. LOL. It was super interactive - all the different floats and people in the parade would squirt water at the crowd (I had to hide my lens every time someone came by! LOL)

princesses!On the last day there, Krista and Errol suggested (after seeing the dreamy look on my face LOL) that we have a 3-course sit-down meal at Ariel's Grotto with the princesses. It was so freaking awesome. We met Belle, Ariel, Jasmine, Cinderella AND the Fairy Godmother. And Errol got me a crown - which the two of them insisted that I had to wear for the rest of the day. It was a perfect end to a great trip :)

Anyway... here's a link to the pics... Enjoy!
California (a set) on Flickr

And now, I'm off to my happy place, New York City! Have a great weekend, everyone!
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Huckdoll said...

Sounds like a blast. I'm gearing up to take my girls to Disneyland next year to visit the Princesses...this post got me excited. Passport time!!

Katie said...

Your girls will TOTALLY LOVE disneyland. Guaranteed. It was amazing :)


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