Thursday, 21 August 2008

Blogging from LA

Just a quick one as it's 2:20am in Cali (5:20am in Toronto - thankfully, jetlag doesn't seem to have affected me so much on this trip!)
The morning got off to a bit of a rocky start... well, we didn't really wake up until almost afternoon. haha. Decided that we needed to rent a car after all, so we hit up the Budget in Anaheim.

also creepyThe plan was to drive from Anaheim, to Mulholland Drive, then head down to Hollywood & the Chinese Theatre. Well... after getting lost in Burbank, we decided to screw Mulholland Drive... and eventually ended up at the theatre around 3 or 4 pm. Everyone told me that it was kinda gross and dirty down there, but I really didn't find that at all. I mean, there were pockets... but most of the strip was fairly clean and un-sketchy. Except for the Pirate that jumped into a picture with Errol, and then expected a tip for that - when we didn't even ask her to take her picture. (reminded me a bit of a bad experience I had in Paris actually)

Mel's signSpent a good chunk of the afternoon/early evening there, then headed across Sunset Blvd.
Ate dinner at Mel's Diner (awesome!) then hit up the Sunset Strip. Did NOT like this area at all. It seemed so pretentious and plastic. All the so-called "cool" bars that you hear about - Whiskey A-Go-Go, Roxy, Viper Room, etc... every one of them seemed COMPLETELY lame. Then we decided to take a (very long) walk down to Santa Monica Blvd. Walked a lot of that strip (and overheard some very interesting conversations, as we were walking through the gay district LOL) ... tried to grab a drink at The Troubador, but the show was sold out, and you needed tix to get in (even into the bar area, which I find slightly odd) ... so then we started the long up-hill walk back to Sunset... tried to go to The Key Club, but the bouncer there was weird too.

So then we decided to buy liquor and bring it back to the hotel room... which is where we are now! A pretty big bottle of Malibu was only like, $12.99! It would be like, at least $5-10 more in Toronto, so I was pretty happy about that!

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.................Nancy said...

I hope your 2nd day is way better!! Have fun! :) I can't wait to see your other pics :)


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