Monday, 6 October 2008

New York City!

This is a very late entry about my trip to NYC last month!
I'm not going to say much, because I've already talked about it in a million places... but here are the highlights:
- Top of the Rock: amazing views of the city! And total history in this building... it was very cool.

- B&H Photo & Video: I met my friend Pete (from Toronto, happened to be in NYC at the same time) here... this store was amazing. A technophile's wet dream. So cool.

- Manhattan Mall & Century 21: awesome shopping :)

- Highline Ballroom: went here to see Blue Rodeo on the Saturday night, I think. It was probably the most incredible concert I've ever been to. Such an intimate venue, to see one of my favourite bands. I even got to meet Jim Cuddy after the show!

- Friends! : Got to meet up with Victoria & Raphael, from NYC, randomly ran into a guy named Steve that I know from Toronto at the Blue Rodeo show, and the aforementioned meetup with Pete. It's so awesome hanging out with people you know when you're on vacation.

- Coney Island: my first time visiting! A lot of people were discouraging, saying that it wasn't really worth the trip out there... but I thought it was awesome! I even convinced my mom to ride the ferris wheel with me!

- San Gennaro: This is the yearly festival they put on in Little Italy, and pretty much the reason for the trip. Me and my mom wanted to bring my dad to the festival, because we knew he'd love it... and he did! Awesome.

- rats: Okay, this is not a highlight, but this was super creepy. At around 2am the morning after the Blue Rodeo show, I start hearing this rustling sound. Woke up my mom. Turned on the light. We saw a head, about as big as my fist, sticking out of our bags that were sitting on the desk. Both of us screamed and freaked out. It was kinda awful.

Photos, and there's a lot of them, can be found here:
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Evil Brat Child I said...

rats...i don't know how well i would have done. involuntarily screamed the place down probably. lol

i am a wuss. :D

.................Nancy said...

Did you call dopwnstairs when you saw the head?? I would have slept in the lobby I think, I'm terrified of rodents!! hehe

Katie said...

I did totally scream, and jump on the bed, and freak out. I was like a cartoon character.
We definitely called downstairs... they were pretty nonchalant about it. They came up to the room and took the bags away (my parents asked them to) and we were going to switch rooms, but my dad decided he didn't want to... so I made him sleep in the bed closest to the rodent, and I slept with my mom. I heard the sound another 2 times that night too.
I barely slept for the rest of my trip. LOL.


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