Sunday, 17 October 2010

Mad about Mad Men

I'm not really sure if I've ever talked about my Mad Men obsession on here... but it is just that.  I am completely obsessed.  Sadly, it is going away for a while, as the season finale airs tonight on AMC.
I may have to start watching from Season One again, just to get through the downtime.

One other thing I did to get through the downtime... I did Mad Men Crafts!  Now I have the most adorable little mini-figs on my fridge!  Here they are, and here's how I did it, just in case you want Don Draper on your fridge too (and really, who wouldn't?)

I also have an obsession with fridge magnets.  I think it has something to do with the fact that we never had magnets on our fridge when I was a kid.  Anyway, I digress.  
First... you'll need to gather your supplies:
  • Dyna Moe's minifigs
  • scissors
  • craft glue
  • magnetic sheet
  • markers (if you're going to colour the minifigs, rather than print them in colour, as I did)
  • Krylon Low Odor Clear Gloss
 Next, you'll need to colour your mini figs and cut them out (easy as pie, right?)
After they're all cut out, arrange them on your magnet sheet.  Try to fit them as close together as possible.  Use your craft glue to glue them down.  Then cut them out from the magnetic sheet.
Arrange your magnets on some scrap paper, newspaper, paper towel, whatever you have lying around.  Hold your can of gloss finish about 20-25cm (about 10 inches or so) away from the magnets, and spray lightly.  Try not to be too forceful, otherwise the ink will run.

Let them dry for at least a half hour, and then they're ready to adorn your fridge!  (This project can obviously, easily be adapted for any sort of printable magnet project - let your imagination run wild!)

Happy Mad Men-watching.  Last week's episode, Don showed us his brilliance.  I wonder what will happen in the finale!
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Melisa with one S said...

My husband and I watched a random MM episode last year and really liked it, but we were confused about all of the characters. We decided to watch from the beginning and we've been getting one disc at a time (3 episodes) from Netflix...we're at the end of season 2 and I can hardly contain myself in between discs! I can't wait to catch up so I can be on Twitter on Sunday nights again. :) (I stay off because I don't want to see what's coming!)

Katie said...

Aahh, isn't it like, the best show ever?!
Funny thing is, I hated it when it first premiered, but I decided to give it another chance and I completely fell in love. I think it's the most brilliant show on TV.
Isn't it awesome getting to watch them all in one shot, instead of having to wait for Sunday nights?! Haha... the wait is killer. I don't know what I'm gonna do 'til the new season premieres again!

jo said...

"Great post, very useful for a beginner like me"

Jay said...

The guy and I just started getting into Mad Men. We're still on Season One, but I can see how it can be addicting! Love the magnets :-)


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