Thursday, 22 April 2010

Spring has Sprung: The High Park Cherry Blossoms!

One of the certain signs of spring in Toronto is the blooming cherry blossoms in High Park. The trees were a gift from Japan to Toronto in 1959, and were planted in appreciation of Toronto accepting re-located Japanese-Canadians following the Second World War.
Before this year, I had never seen them in person. The flowers only last for a very short time, before they blow away and turn into the summer leaves.
Last weekend, I packed up my camera gear, met up with a friend, and headed down to High Park to appreciate the blossoms first-hand, for the first time. (Unfortunately, I think 90% of the city had the same idea... it was packed!)
I am very pleased with the results! Here's a few of my favourite shots:

For more of my photos from that day, check out Cherry Blossoms on Flickr.
What are the signs of spring in your neck of the woods?
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The Mrs said...

These are beautiful! All our flowering trees were done a month ago, so these fresh and springy pics were a nice recap.

Katie said...

Thanks! Haha - a month ago, we still had snow!

Huckdoll said...


Cherry Blossoms make me want to take pictures. Here in the Vancouver area many of the blossoms are falling and there is pink snow everywhere. So pretty.


Katie said...

You should go take some... take them of your kiddos frolicking in the "snow" haha... they'd be adorable! :)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous shots, Katie! I would *so* hang a blown-up version of the blossom-close-up in my office or apartment!

..and won't someone have a new condo to decorate soon? :)

We have flowering dogwood trees all around our complex - and a big one right in front of our 3rd-floor window. Spring is definitely here!

Katie said...

Mel - you may be in luck, if you're really interested! I'm going to begin offering prints very soon, and that's one of them! :) haha

I can't wait to start decorating my condo! I'm trying to decide which pictures I want up!

I love it when trees are in their flowering stage - I think I like it even better than the green leaves of summer :)


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