Monday, 28 December 2009

Update from FL

Christmas was awesome... After Christmas sales were (are!) great! Hanging out with friends. Eating good food. Enjoying the sunshine (even if it is a little bit chilly out). All around good times!
Here's a shot of a bunch of us hanging out the other night at New World Brewery in Ybor.

There's a whole bunch of pics up here: Flickr.

But the real point of this announcement is that I, with a few friends, have decided to take on Project 365 for 2010!
Beginning on January 1, 2010, I will take (at least) one photo every day.
I'll make up a special album on Flickr for the project, and I haven't decided if I'll post the photo on here, or at a tumblr blog. I will contemplate, and let you all know.

Anyone ever done this? Want to join in for this year? Have any thoughts on the best way to chronicle the year?
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Huckdoll said...

365 is an awesome idea for you, can't wait to see your photos all year long! Glad Florida is being good to you :)

Melisa with one S said...

I haven't tried the 365; the thought of committing to a photo a day makes me a little nauseated. But I'm looking forward to following yours! ;)

Katie said...

I really hope I can follow through with it!! The enthusiasm is there, hopefully the commitment and motivation will be too :)

Eric said...

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