Sunday, 6 September 2009

Toronto Roller Derby

On August 8 (yes, nearly a month ago, and I'm only just finding the time to write about it now) - a friend of mine invited me to go see the Toronto Roller Derby match between the Gore-Gore Rollergirls and the Death Track Dolls. I had never been to a Roller Derby before, and had no idea what the sport entailed. But I thought it would be super fun, and I was right! It also made for some interesting photos. Check them out:

I think it's super cool to have alternative sporting events like this in the city. It's a fun event that kids are welcome to attend (Saw plenty of parents there with children - and all the kids looked really cool. I guess that says something about the demographic!) It's also fairly inexpensive - especially when compared to other sporting/entertainment events around the city. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for something to do!
Check out more pictures here
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Melisa with one S said...

I have always LOVED roller derby; I remember when I was younger, my dad watched it on tv all the time. :)

Katie said...

I've never really even known that it existed! LOL.
I'm told that this is much different than the version that would have been on when we were younger - it's all real, full contact, and intense!
It was super fun to watch :)

.................Nancy said...

I'd love to see that someday!

Toronto Roller Derby said...

Hey Katie! Thanks for the killer reviews!! I'm glad you had fun at the game and hope you'll come see the Gores take on the Smoke City Betties on Sunday, Sept 20 @ The Hangar Doors at 3:30, game at 4:30!

Thanks so much for the awesome pictures too!


PS: if you want to play, we're always looking for fresh meat ;)

Evil Brat Child I said...

Awesome pics! I really should make time to go. The girl in the cube across from mine is the league director, I think. LOL :)


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