Thursday, 7 February 2008


So, yesterday we taped the show that I've been working on for the past few weeks: Canada's Next Great Prime Minister. It was a pretty crazy day, because we were hit with one of the biggest winter storms of the season. It was very crazy.

The show went pretty well. I got lots of compliments on my work, which is always nice :)

Here's a few shots from the show. I can't post too many (unfortunately, most of the good ones!) because I don't want to give away which contestants made it through to the final round.
The show airs on March 23 on CBC. Find out more about it here:

Driving home last night was another matter all together. It took me 2 hours to get home. I was going 40km/h on the highway, and sliding all over the place. A bunch of idiot drivers kept passing me on the left... and then next thing I know, they're doing 360's across all 4 lanes of the highway. We live in Canada - how have people NOT figured out how to drive in the snow yet?!
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Morbid Angel said...

Hey Cool stuff, I didn't know you worked for CBS.

As for the idiots on the road, I think there first time winter tire buyers or people who drive SUV's and think they're in indestructible.

Either way I'm with you, F*ckin morons

Huckdoll said...

What's up, girl? Just found you through iVillage. Tight, tight blog ya got here - looking forward to more.

~ Huckdoll

Huckdoll said...

Hey..thanks for stopping by and commenting today! I just read this and I also wonder why people can't drive in the snow/rain. Here in Vancouver, it's rain. I learned to drive in pounding rain. Snow on the other hand, I'd probably stay home - it gets scary here when it snows, even a little. Hundreds of cars end up in ditches and it's just chaos!

Great pics, btw - very exciting!


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