Friday, 22 February 2008

New York, Day Two

Asian Bakery Monday was all about the shopping in New York City. It was actually really unseasonably warm. I think it was like, 65 degrees or something... and all I had with me was my winter coat, which sucked. We started out the day at Filene's Basement. First I went down to the juniors section, but I thought it was disorganized and difficult to find things... then I went up to the ladies wear, and I found the most AWESOME DKNY jacket. I struggled with the purchasing decision for a few minutes, before convincing myself that I HAD to have that jacket. After I bought it, I promptly ditched the coat and wore the new jacket :)

After that trip, we were actually much further ahead of schedule than we expected to be. We ended up going for more Gray's Papaya Hot Dogs, and then took the subway down to Canal Street.

Ties Canal was awesome... completely filled with random crazy ladies that yelled at me for taking a picture/wasting my film on a picture of ties with skulls, because God was watching... and following random men on street corners into alleys where they took us up multiple flights of stairs to buy purses, and Raphael buying a pastry in an Asian cafe - green tea and black bean - that was quite possibly the most disgusting dessert I've ever seen. LOL.

While we were out on Canal Street, we met up with our friend Victoria. She definitely made the purse and random shopping adventure more fun - sometimes you just need a girl friend! LOL. Also, at some point that day, I realized that I forgot my cell phone charger in Toronto, and I was all freaked out, because the next day, R would be at work, and I would be on my own in the city, and I had no idea what I was going to do with out a safety net. We went into this random store that had electronics, purses, and other random souvenirs... asked the guy if he had any Sanyo chargers. "Yup." For the Katana phone "yup." "Ten dollars" and he whips out a random box. "Can we try it first?" "Yup." ... and it totally worked! LOL. I was so not expecting to find a charger, but it was so awesome that I did!

Afterwards, we headed back to the downtown area and met up with Charlene and Fred, and went to this awesome Mexican place called Chipotle's for dinner. I had this super huge fajita burrito that was absolutely delicious.

The gang, after shopping Then we all headed over to the Manhattan Mall for a real look at Steve and Barry's... followed by a quick stop at Macy's for Raphael to buy a hoodie.

Met up with another one of their friends, and then we headed up to Times Square, which was absolutely gorgeous after a bit of rain had fallen.

My booty for the day:
- From Filene's: DKNY Jacket
- Souvenirs from Canal Street: Pashmina for Mom, Coach purse for Sis-In-Law
- For me from Canal Street: cute little purse with paisley birds, cell phone charger, photo album, new hat, cool postcard
- From Steve and Barry's: jeans, pencil skirt, and two NY kids t-shirts for my nieces

I think that was it! Here's the pictures :

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Huckdoll said...

Amazing pictures and diary. I really enjoyed reading this...I wanna go!!

Morbid Angel said...

I know, I get so jealous when I see all the photos. It's as if I just wanna go there to take photos...

lets go, me and you... we'll take photos :)

Katie said...

I am totally down with that, J.
Couldn't have come up with a better plan myself :)


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