Monday, 13 June 2011

One of my favourite places on earth: Clearwater, FL

Do you have a place that just draws you in as soon as you get there?  Somewhere that feels as much (or even more) like home than your actual home?  Clearwater FL is one of those places for me.  Here are some of my favourite photos from over the years...

hibiscus Admiration

Sunset Dolphin Cruise Dive!

splash! Flag was still there

Yellow Square seaweed love

Beach all to myself Keeping Guard

rainbow This Magic Moment...

Want to see more from Florida?  Here's a link to all of my photos on Flickr.

Also, if you haven't already, could you please take a second to vote for my photo in the My Canada Photo contest?  You don't need to register, you just need to click "Like" or "Tweet" with your facebook or twitter accounts.  Thanks!!

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