Friday, 5 November 2010

Washer Necklace

So, pretty much every blog in the craft world has done some take on the washer necklace.  I recently inherited a bunch of washers from the set (yes, everyone looked at me like I was very strange when I got super excited about washers.  But I'm used to everyone looking at me like I'm strange.  No big deal.)... So here's my first washer necklace.  I didn't take any process photos, so if anything's confusing, let me know.

Materials needed:
1 washer
hemp cord
patterned paper
mod podge
diamond glaze

1. Take your washer and trace it onto your paper, opposite side of the pattern you're using, so that the pencil doesn't show through.

2. Cut out, or if you happen to have punches that fit the sizes exactly (lucky you!) use those!)

3. Slap some mod podge down on your washer, and lay the paper (patterned side up) on top.  Let it dry a bit.  (If you like, you can cover the edges or the back with more patterned paper, but I like the look of the washer itself)

4. Lay on a thick coat of Diamond Glaze and let it dry (hardest part! I recommend letting it dry at least overnight, so that you don't end up with any fingerprints on your necklace).

5. Once it's dry, you can take your hemp cord and loop it through the washer.  For the closing, you can add some jump rings and add a clasp, or you can do what I did, and use an adjustable sliding knot.  This is my favourite, because you can change the length of your necklace depending on what you're wearing. Since I didn't take any process photos, here's a tutorial that you can follow along with.

Let me know if you end up trying this out!  Or if you've already tried it, let me know if you have any tips to improve it.
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Mod Podge Amy said...

Turned out great!

Katie said...

Thanks Amy! I love your site!
(Sorry for my incredibly late reply to your comment)


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